Transcend the Chaos.

Rediscover your Power. 

Yes. It's possible!

I help women over 40 step out of conditioned chaos and into alignment, joy, and ease so they can create the life they envision as the woman they’re meant to be.


 Hey there!

 Gretchen here.

What if I told you the story we get to tell about our life, who we are, and what we're capable of is optional? Would you believe me? If you did, would you keep your story or change it?

My evolution into the world of coaching greatly stems from my desire to change my own.

I'm a certified Life Coach and Self Mastery Mentor. I empower driven, midlife women to escape the chaos of their day to day and stop letting life live them. By using a combination of my own experience, ancient wisdom turned modern psychology, emotional awareness, and intuition, I guide women to release fear, doubt, and negativity and embody the joy, ease, and rhythm that aligns with the woman they long to become!


Stop Letting Life Live You



You’re driven to do more, be more, and have more from the time you’re a little girl. You accumulate jobs, responsibilities, roles, and possessions from the moment you enter the world. You have dreams of what your life will be and who you’ll become, but in the middle of the doing and accumulating, the energy of creation and possibility shifts. 

That full life you’ve been compelled to create doesn’t feel joyful, purposeful, or fulfilling anymore. Did it ever? It’s chaotic and heavy now with a cloud of seriousness you call ‘being an adult.’

You find yourself angry more often than not, even if it’s hidden by a smile. You’re resentful of other people and even your own circumstances, no matter how pretty things look on the outside.

You’re deeply disappointed that life isn’t what it ‘should’ be. And the anxiety. Did I mention the anxiety?

The treadmill doesn’t seem to stop, and the dreams of youth are replaced by have tos and lists that grow more burdensome by the day.

...but they don’t have to be...

I’m ready to dream again!

Feel the Rhythm

Rediscover the Power of You

If you're here....

  • you're ready to choose the road less traveled
  • you recognize the magic in the middle
  • you feel the call of more- more peace amidst the chaos
  • you know if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten
  • the rinse and repeat no longer lights you up
  • you're ready for the work of a lifetime!

It’s time. There are no more moments to waste!

Guide me there!

Empowered Women Change the World

Yes, you!

There IS a way. You feel it deep in your soul.

There’s a way to wake up feeling peaceful and motivated. There’s a way to step confidently into your day with ideas and love and connection. There’s a way to find more joy and ease and release the hold of anxiety. There’s a way to BE outside of the doing. There’s a way to create the things you deeply desire and even a way to find out what the hell they are! And no, you don’t have to move to a monastery (unless you want to!)

There’s a way to find your rhythm.

Imagine falling in love with you and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Count me in!

The roar of something greater than you have allowed yourself to be.

Answer the calling.



‘Everything shifts when you come into harmony with yourself.’



  • 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching

  • 3 phases of personal discovery

  • Voxxer support

  • Recorded calls with written summary of coaching

  • Human Design reading and integration

  • Personalized roadmap for reaching your highest potential

  • Insights that challenge your current paradigm

  • Opportunity to release limitations

  • Rediscovery of your inner power

  • Freedom from the grip of chaos

  • The chance to make your 90 year old self proud

can't wait!

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