Coach Gretchen

As a self proclaimed perpetual seeker, I'm eternally grateful for the perspective and personal power coaching has brought to my life.


I'm no stranger to the journey within. You see, most of my life has been riddled with the disease of comparison and insecurity. I've been attempting to control and change the outside for as long as I can remember in hopes that the best grades, the 'perfect' body, another certification, more money, a different partner, or just the right outfit would calm the beast within.....yeah, not so much. Not only did all those things fail miserably in the long run, but the effort and mental noise pushed me so hard that chaos was the norm- inside, outside, and all around. On my epic journey to find the magic salve, I've spent countless hours learning meditation, practicing yoga, attending retreats, reading books, having readings and clearings and energy sessions, but nothing ever quite allowed me to relax into who I am and own my internal agency as coaching has. I've learned the art of bridging the gap between the beauty of the ancient teachings and implementation in my day to day. I'm honored to be able to share the skill!

I've spent the majority of my adult life as an obstetrician/ gynecologist with a particular interest in functional medicine and healing the body from the inside out.

Watching women transform their lives is one of my greatest loves. To me. coaching is a way to guide women to birth a part of themselves that longs to emerge from the chaos.

Root cause medicine is my passion, and while coaching is in no way a practice of medicine, I find there's no more effective way to access the root of what ails than practicing the principles of coaching.

When I'm not coaching or delivering babies, I'm doing my best to be a good mama to by beautiful boy and learning all the ways to navigate a more connected life with myself and my partner. (Not easy but learning!)

I've been an avid athlete in the past, having completed two full distance Ironman races. I continue to dabble daily in the hobbies of swimming, biking, and running, and have softened greatly into the beauty of a slow yoga flow or an afternoon stroll. Embodying more of my feminine and learning to rest have been paramount on my own journey. Trail running, though, will forever have my heart!

Movement for me is akin to coaching in that, it too, is about the journey and who you become in the process.

I'm a 2/5 Emotional Projector in Human Design, the discovery of which has allowed me even more insight into the subtleties of who l've come here to be. Living life in alignment takes on a whole new meaning with the incorporation of Human Design!

Mastery of anything resides in the commitment to the journey of learning and discovery itself. I've committed to the mastery of self inquiry, self discovery, and the practice of applying that knowledge in my own life.

I hope to inspire YOU to do the same!

All my love, Coach G


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