Eeny Meeny Miny Moe: How Our Decisions May Be Holding Us Back

Oct 23, 2023

We’ve all been there. A choice comes into our life, and we’re plagued with the nuances of what each side could possibly bring. We run through scenarios for hours, days, weeks, even months or years before we commit to anything in particular. We make endless lists of the pros and cons and discuss the situation with anyone who will listen. And if there’s a deadline, we’re grappling with the options until the very last second.


All of this may be somewhat tolerable if we then moved quickly and swiftly in the direction of our decision, but what happens more often than not is a whole lot of second guessing and even back peddling to change the decision already made. Maybe it wasn’t the right decision? Maybe it would be better if I had done this instead. What if I made the wrong decision? I should have listened to my friends, my mother, my boss, etc.


This has been my experience with even my most accomplished, driven, intellectual clients. Swift decision making and trust in the decision that is made seem to be gifts of only a minority. But they don’t have to be.


So why does it matter? What’s so important about making decisions anyway? Aren’t we supposed to analyze our choices carefully and thoroughly so we don’t make a bad decision?


Choice is one of those highly developed functions we’re fortunate to have as humans. And, as with many of our gifts, we can use it to elevate our life or keep us interminably stuck.


If you follow Human Design, you know each of us has an inner authority that can be used to make decisions in alignment. Of course it’s helpful to understand how you best make decisions, and what’s even more important is that you make them and move forward.


Otherwise, we’re in purgatory- committed to a life of confusion, regret, insecurity, and self criticism. Remember when we aren’t deciding, we’re still deciding. We’re deciding to stay stuck. We’re deciding to relinquish our personal agency. We’re deciding to erode self trust and authority.


Ultimately, in the belly aching process of trying to decide what will be the absolute best decision, we’re trying to not feel. We’re afraid of negative emotion and want to do everything humanly possible to prevent it. In the process of trying to avoid a dreaded vibration in our body, we prevent ourselves from living.


What if there is no wrong decision? What if the decision we make is the right decision because we made it? How would you move through the world differently if you believed in your ability to choose and to feel all the feelings that come on the other side of choice?


When we actively decide, we’re able to live in the present. When we fail to decide or second guess our own decisions, we’re gaslighting ourselves and choosing to live in the past or future but never in the now. We give up our power.


The most aligned decisions happen when we move into our body. Our mind and body can work together to create a beautiful dance of synchronicity. Imagine trusting yourself enough to be able to drop in and use that wisdom to guide your life to its highest expression.


This is what we do in coaching. We develop trust between the mind and body. We learn to honor ourselves. We connect thought and feeling and feeling and thought and decide how to move in the direction of our dreams. We reclaim our power.


Make the decision to honor you. You’re worth it!


All my love,


Coach g

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