Nov 20, 2023

One foot went purposely after the other. We walked slowly, methodically…chanting “yes. yes. yes.” in low but driven voices. All 11,000 people were united in one mission. The smell of fire wafted gracefully into our nostrils, contrasting the wet and cool cracks of uneven cement beneath our bare feet. Hearts quickened as we moved closer and closer to the searing coals. Each of us would have a turn all to ourselves. We were together and alone at the same time. The feat would be ours, individually, and ours alone.


Idle chatter surrounded me in the undulating sea of “yes”, though I remained in focus and muffled silence as though traveling in a conch shell. I had clear instructions. I knew exactly what to do. The certainty and vision of triathlon days past found it’s dusty seat in the heart of my knowing. Options did not exist. Success was inevitable.


This. Was. A. Must.


My turn came quickly. It was time. Frantic whispers of ‘what if’ were transmuted into deep roots of connection. I made my move sending electric light into every corner of my being. The coals glowed red, but my focus remained on the beauty of the night sky. With intention, I stepped from the safety of the meadow like grass and into the fire of transformation.


“I Am Unstoppable” flowed from my lips as a declaration to the Universe, just as I was caught and celebrated on the other side. I never felt a thing.


The destination was only a few steps away, but who I became in the process of taking them can never be rescinded.


This was the firewalk at my first ever Tony Robbins event. Once I arrived on day 1 of Unleash the Power Within, I remembered hearing something about the firewalk years ago. The memory was a distant recall of one of the things I was told ‘crazy’ people do. It was nestled in the recesses of my mind that existed long before I had entered coaching and learned the power I hold inside. It was before I knew that ‘I get to decide’, and it was way before I understood ‘life is happening for me’. As with most things, the opportunity resurfaced in perfect timing.


Through this process and the infectious vitality of the weekend, I was reminded the absolute power of our physiology. By harnessing the energy of the body, we have access to the steadfast wisdom of the mind – a space where the noise of doubt is calmed and held by the quiet stillness of certainty.


With gratitude and grace, I’m ready to embark on the next steps of my journey.


I can’t wait for you to join me!



All my love,


Coach g


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