I See You

Dec 06, 2023

Inevitably, when I was a generalist and spending vast amounts of time in clinic, I would make my patients cry. Not in a bad way. In the best way! My team knew to keep a box of tissues handy in every room.

The skill has followed me into the hospital in my care of mamas to be as well as in the coaching space..

What’s really happening with the opening of the proverbial flood gates? Is it a gift or a curse? Am I really that mean?


I believe many of us are a question away from tears more often than not…even men!


It’s not about being depressed or not having yourself together. It’s about the deep tenderness and vulnerability experienced when someone really sees you.


There are no claims being made about psychic ability here. Rather, I have a gift for asking the right questions – the ones that let you know I’m paying attention, the ones that catch you by surprise and stop you in your tracks, the ones that let you know I care – deeply and fully.


Not everyone needs to be seen in the same way, but most of us have a soft spot for validation and recognition. You know the feeling when it seems someone has looked directly in your soul. It feels safe and warm and hopeful – even when the subject or feeling that’s surfaced is a difficult one. You no longer feel alone.


As we move into the holiday season, many of us will have more social interaction than normal. The holidays can be challenging for many. Grief, anxiety, and financial stress are even more prevalent this time of year. Oftentimes, though, we’re more focused on our outfit or how tired we are or how it seems everyone else has it figured out to truly pay attention to what’s going on around us.


I challenge you to ground yourself first in conversations and and outings then practice the art of true presence. Listen to hear. Don’t simply listen to respond. Listen with curiosity. Ask questions.


We can all start to cultivate the gift of seeing if we spend a little more time intentionally noticing. It also allows us to embrace our own journeys and insecurities and challenges in a new and empowering way. We’re more alike than not.


Spend a moment authentically caring for another. I promise your joy meter will soar….even if you happen to ask just the right question that sheds a tear. There’s more room out than in for emotion.


Ground. Connect. Notice.

Be kind and have a wonderful holiday season!


All my love,

Coach g

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