Learning to Take Action from Knowing

Jan 27, 2024

It’s taken me a minute to settle into the energy of 2024 and process what I envision as my guide. And, if you follow Human Design, you may know that the ‘real’ start to the new year was January 23, so thankfully I’m not too late!


2024 is an ‘8’ year. Energetically, it’s the time to take everything we learned in the ‘7’ year (2023) and apply it. (I’ll have more on the magic of 8 in an upcoming post.)


As you may know from my last post, my word for 2023 was Courage. It served me well and grew me in ways I could never have predicted. I plan to keep it moving forward. It’s part of me now and inhabits a space in my list of core values.


And now it’s time to dive deeper into who and what I want to be in this world. I’ve proven to myself that I’m able to step into that which scares me. Now I’m yearning to elevate that experience by ensuring I’m courageously stepping into that which is also in alignment.


Aligned Action is my guiding phrase for 2024.


What does that even mean?! It’s a daily question for sure!


To me, alignment is when your thoughts, feelings, and actions coincide with the higher truth and elevated being of who you are. Sounds easy right? Maybe. Maybe not.


On the other side, when you’re out of alignment, your day to day thoughts, feelings, and actions don’t support your higher self’s mission…and there’s a piece of your body that knows before any other portion of you.


Truthfully, I know I have work ahead to deeply understand the nuances of who I am, what I want, what I’m here to create and share, and the intentional thoughts and actions that will guide me. There are always more layers of the onion. The point of my phrase, however, is not to get caught in the details and the seeking but to trust the wisdom I hold and take action from that knowing. This is not perfect action but action with understanding and intention.


This is my invitation to develop and cultivate systems and efficiencies that allow me to take up more space in the world. Aligned action will take me from theory to implementation. It will challenge me to listen intently, say no to opportunities, people, or work that does not mesh, ask for help when needed, honor my need for rest, treat my body and health in nourishing ways, and choose to show up again and again.



Aligned action is a worthy endeavor that will help to quell the chaos of home, family, life, business, and energetic delegation. I’m acutely aware of a multitude of ways I leak energy and work, live, and parent in ways that do not align with the goals I hold for my own evolution of spirit.


This intention for 2024 will require me to overcome any lingering resistance to going inside. I must get quiet and listen even more. I’m leaning in to trusting the wisdom of my body and am committed to taking right action by following my internal guidance system. It’s undoubtedly going to require some uncomfortable decisions. I’m all in!... and will remind myself of that as often as needed! I’ve learned through my journey with Courage in 2023 that discomfort doesn’t mean I’m going the wrong way. It simply means I’m challenging my nervous system to break out of patterns that have become obsolete.


Even if alignment isn’t a theme of yours for 2024, it’s never a bad idea to seek clarity and coherence in thought, feeling, and action.


I hope you’ll join me in bringing your magic to 2024! When we all strive to find our unique rhythm and see the potential in others, we create the possibility of evolution in our own lives and the world.


Let go of who you should be and who you may have been, and step into who you want to be!


Happy 2024!


All my love,


Coach g


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