Project Liberation

Oct 30, 2023

I’ve not historically been someone who follows astrology, although I would love to learn the intricacies of how. I am, however, drawn deeply to the phases of the moon and the energy of eclipses.


This past month, we experienced two separate eclipses just two weeks apart. The first was on October 14 and was a solar eclipse in Libra. The second was on October 28 and was a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus.


The energy of these two events so close together has been fascinating to me and something I’ve been pondering in my own life.


The partial lunar eclipse on the 28th was the last in a series of eclipses that have happened over the last two years. It may be easier to highlight the poignancy of this eclipse if you recall where you were, who you were, and all the journeys you’ve taken since November of 2021. Carve out a moment of gratitude for the path you’ve traveled over the last two years and recognize any energy that is asking to be revisited or released.


Taurus energy is earth energy. It is grounded and strong in the most allowing way. It is giving you the perfect foundation for stepping into the things that serve and letting go of energies, habits, and lifestyles that no longer make sense..


Take inventory. This eclipse energy also comes during the autumn transition in North America which naturally shifts us toward stillness and introspection. Start by asking yourself questions. Who are you? Who are you becoming? What do you want to leave in this world? What values are you living? What are you actively creating with your habits and choices? Lean into any discomfort with deepened curiosity.


In order to step into a higher vibration, you must be willing to let go of anything with a lower vibration that may be holding you back. It’s time to enter Project Liberation!



-the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression

-freedom from limits on thought or behavior


Most of us remain a prisoner of our own mind for most of our life. We fail to see life the way it is but rather see it the way we are. We are the source of our own oppression.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve imprisoned myself with my own thoughts of inadequacy, fear around money, and body image. Nothing I ever accomplished on the outside was ever enough to assuage the lack that oozed within. I cringe at the recollection of the time I’ve spent over the years trying to control things outside in the meager attempt to slay the scarcity dragon on the inside. I’ve sacrificed time, opportunity, and relationships to name a few. And…. now I deeply know that all of that had to be exactly as it was for me to find and step into new opportunities, new vision, and new creation. I know that any change I effect in my environment or for the people around me is compounded when I learn what it means to take responsibility first for my own experience in the world. 


The last two years have been my first two years of coaching. The vision I now hold for my life and the woman I can become is nothing I’ve known prior to this work. I know deeply that I am enough. I trust in my body more than ever, and I’m working on my love affair with abundance.


I’m using Project Liberation to continue the sloughing of old models of thought. On the level of tangibility, I’m evaluating my relationship with exercise and alcohol and making a commitment to do the work I so deeply believe in, rather than simply intellectualizing the concepts. It’s one thing to read the book. It’s another to commit to do the practice. I’ve been dancing in the middle. It’s time to step further in.


I know the layers of conditioning will keep coming, and I vow to remain open and willing to let go. I vow to break free of my own chains and am happy to have the celestial Universe as my guide. The more we clean up the inside, the more energy, focus, compassion, and love we have to clean up what lies outside…..the things that plague our world, the people that need our help. Raise your own vibration first.


Lead by example. What will you shed? How will you step into what you’re meant to create? What is being asked to escape imprisonment during your own Project Liberation?


I’d love to know! Send me an email or DM on IG @gretchenbruno



All my love,


Coach g

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