The Frequency of Gratitude

Nov 28, 2023

Everything around us is moving all the time. Even when an object is seemingly still, the atoms within are vibrating. There is movement always.

Most of us take the world as we see it. Our house, our partner, our children, our friends, even our furniture. We see them and believe we’re seeing the truth of who and what they are. But what if you looked with a different lens? Imagine you had a powerful microscope that could detect the billions of vibrating atoms and particles and other organisms that make up the object- a brilliant device that allowed you a glimpse of the continuously changing nature of what ‘is’.


How would it change the way you see the world?


The laws of vibration don’t end with the physical world. Our thoughts and emotions hold vibration too. They are energy, and energy moving through space is vibration. Our thoughts and feelings, along with nutrition, exercise, sleep, and all things health related, actually control the vibration of our body. The human body vibrates at a much higher frequency than an object that’s considered solid, but even the human body has a wide range of frequency, or speed and rate at which it vibrates, based on the aforementioned factors.


So why does the quality and frequency of our vibration matter? Ultimately, they’re responsible for how our lives unfold.


Enter the law of resonance which states that what you bring forth in your life is based on the frequency of the energy you are projecting. Essentially, the rate of the vibration projected will harmonize with and attract back energies with the same resonance. In this case, like attracts like.


Vibrations of thoughts and emotions dictate how you see and interpret life. They set up resonance with anything that’s on the same frequency. This is why we don’t experience life the way it is but rather experience life the way we are. We see the stories in our mind reflected back to us from the Universe.


As you may have guessed, different emotions hold a different frequency, with emotions that are considered positive vibrating at a higher frequency. Much of the work of Abraham Hicks is learning to move ourselves from lower to higher vibrations. This is not to say that it’s bad in any way to feel and experience the lowest vibration emotions. We are human beings and are meant to experience the full range. The problem comes when we live our life unchecked and unchallenged and embody the lower frequency emotions the majority of the time. Imagine what we attract when we live in that space. More of the same.


Through the work of coaching, heart math training, and my own personal journey within, I’ve learned the art of cultivating particular emotions. You can become an emotion simply by using your mind and body in combination. The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field in the human body. Our emotions influence this field. Gratitude, love, and compassion create a beautiful synchrony between our heart and brain which influences not only us, but those around us.


We just finished Thanksgiving, which is undoubtedly my favorite holiday. We’re now moving into the bulk of the holiday season ahead. It’s the time of year that many of us are focused on gratitude, and rightly so. Gratitude vibrates at 540 MHz which is one of the highest vibrational frequencies you can embody. It’s on the same level as love! The more we practice this emotion and spend time here, the higher our body’s frequency elevates and the healthier we become both physically and emotionally. We also attract more things into our life that match this vibrational frequency.


Gratitude is a magical entry point into higher vibrations. It’s accessible even when things around us are difficult, strained, or frustrating. We can always find something in our life to be grateful for, whereas love and joy may be more difficult to access in similar states.


Practice feeling gratitude as often as possible and watch your life transform!


‘Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life’  - Rumi


May gratitude be with you now and always!


All my love,


Coach g


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