What's Your Word?

Jan 01, 2024



This was my word for 2023. I had never had a word before, and I wasn’t sure exactly how I would integrate it into my life. I chose to trust my coaches and mentors and knew it was something I desperately needed to move forward.


I committed to the vibration of this word and worked to live into the meaning of it.


Courage is fear in action. The root of the word ‘courage’ is ‘cor’ or heart. Originally it meant to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart. Courage, to me, was putting my vulnerability on the line.


What did that look like for me?


It looked like taking steps to be seen and declare ‘I’m a coach, and I can help’. I sought guidance in creating my website and wrote copy myself.


It looked like saying yes to opportunities my mind would argue I wasn’t ready for yet. I spoke at a women’s movement and meditation retreat hosted near the sacred grounds of my alma mater. I stood up in front of women I previously would have surmised were ‘better than me’ and learned that I belong in the room.


It looked like learning skills I once thought were outside my wheelhouse. I learned the intricacies of bookkeeping for a real estate company- my real estate company- and did the books myself.


It looked like keeping track of everything I was spending and learning to take responsibility for creating financial abundance in my life. I’m unlearning the assertion that I must work exponentially hard and sacrifice health and happiness to make money.


It looked like learning to charge for the services and value I render as a coach.


It looked like starting an Instagram page and learning how to create content that aligns with what I believe and practice.


It looked like having a difficult outcome in medicine and resolving ‘I will not abandon myself’. I worked to remember that I’m still a good doctor and refused to allow shame to overtake me.


It looked like hard conversations with my partner and lots of repair with my child.


It looked like learning how to welcome failure as the best way to grow.


Courage has given me wings this year. They’re still wet and unraveling, but they’re formed and ready to learn to fly.


I’m betting on myself moving forward. Courage will remain part of my vocabulary as I step into 2024.


My word this year will take me even further with courage at my back, in my bones, part of my vibration. Fear doesn’t leave. You simply learn to take it with you. It becomes the signal that you’re on the right track.


Feel the fear, and do it anyway.


Live the vibration of courage.


All my love,


Coach g

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